Business Travel Is Not Fun

Many years ago I used to think how cool it would be to be an international businessman and to travel everywhere… see the world. Life has an amazing way of sometimes giving us exactly what we want (or don’t want). Is this God’s way of teaching us lessons? This week I am away from home. […]

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About Financial Performance

I don’t remember why I wrote this post at the time but I still think along the same lines, so let me publish this draft as well. When it comes to benchmarking and performance, I care about two questions. 1) Am I positive for the year? 2) Am I above my benchmark? There are unlimited […]

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Human Tribes

Indo European Language Families

This is another draft from at least a couple years ago: I was in the UK a little while ago where I met with a colleague with whom I had an interesting conversation. We talked about what we all as human beings have in common, what makes us different and how we associate ourselves with […]

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