Why write…


A couple years ago I wrote this post but never published it. It’s now time to go back and publish as many of the drafts as possible so that I can clear the decks for another round of exciting (I know you’re laughing) posts. This one is about a conversation with my son and a couple thoughts about dealing with the world.

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Some Early Thoughts

Armenian Library project continues to move forward. Today I posted on its Facebook page that Google had a library partner program but I didn’t see them prioritizing Armenian content any time soon. They ask the libraries to fill out a form and all they say is that at some point in the future they may contact the libraries. The Facebook post resulted in a very fundamental question (thank you for asking that question!). What do you propose to do about that… was the question. Following are some of my early thoughts. The vision is very clear in my mind but I welcome all feedback on this subject from anyone related to any of the Armenian libraries. Please keep in mind my overall objective to expand the Armenian language section of the Internet – the searchable and indexed content that’s in Armenian accessible to all who want to find it….

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Words can give us a smile or ruin our day. They can change the course of one’s life and alter the future of a nation. Words can start wars and end wars. They can kill people and heal people. Words give us hope and take it away. They preserve thought and show lack of thought. Words make us laugh and they also make us cry. The most powerful force we can control are our words.

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