Family Is Everything

“A man cannot leave a better legacy to the world than a well-educated family.” ~ Thomas Scott

Though we often feel that we define our families, the opposite is true as well. Our families define us. I frequently come across people who struggle making the transition from a family member (child) to an individual (young adult) and then back to a family member (spouse, parent) and then back to an individual (elderly, widow). These transitions are very critical inflection points in our lives.

In the first case, the family to which we are born helps shape who we become later in life. In the second case, the family we form defines us as much as we define it.

I’ll write about transitions and families much more but for now I hope you agree that your family must be your greatest supporting foundation in life and you must help keep it secure and strong. Nothing else you do matters, if the family you have formed is broken. In contrast, when your family is there to support you, you will be amazed how powerful you really are. I realize these may be strong words, and welcome your comments.

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