A Grateful Heart

After a brief vacation in Jamaica, I am writing about something that has been on my mind during the past few days. We get carried away in our daily activities and often forget to remind ourselves to be thankful for everything we have — our families, our achievements, our happy moments, our good friends and everything else.

Jamaica is not a rich island. People live in fairly poorly constructed “houses” but seem generally happy and very friendly although I heard stories of gang fights, killings, dysfunctional families, and all kinds of other issues. While listening to the locals, I could not help but be thankful for the good things in my life. It makes me sad that the difficult life of others was one of the catalysts that brought forward my feelings of gratitude. Nevertheless, it seemed that the whole experience was “designed” specifically for me to reflect and remind myself to be happy.

If I write down everything for which I am deeply thankful, it might make a thick paperback but the content might not be of interest to anyone else. Skipping that, I ask you to take a moment to think about all good things in your life. Since life often resembles a wave with ups and downs, it is especially important (though especially difficult) in the down moments to reflect and remind ourselves to be thankful. This small step might just be all that is needed to turn the wave around…

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