Getting Things Done

We all have wishes and dreams but how does one go from a thought to an accomplishment? I always struggle with achievements because after I accomplish something, I end up feeling an enormous vacuum, a terrible feeling caused from lack of other dreams or goals. To combat this, I always have multiple major projects so completion of one does not create the vacuum I mention. If you struggle to see your dreams come true, here’s the simple formula: complete one task (however minor it may be) every day toward your dream or objective. I am applying that same formula to this blog. Creating an entire document with thoughts and lessons from my life when I am 78 years old might be an enormous challenge for which I might not have sufficient energy then but writing a few paragraphs daily takes only minutes now.

You might think this is too primitive of a concept but look at your own life or the lives of those around you and see how many have accomplished much without daily hard work focused at a goal. Rich do not get rich overnight. Masters are not born masters. These people work hard daily. To look at it in a different way, consider how long it takes to accomplish your goal. If it takes you 1 hour, then it’s a tiny goal. If it takes a lifetime, then it’s a great goal. The goal of raising good children is one such lifetime commitment that we contribute to daily. This challenge takes so much effort that often we cannot do much more. So, to accomplish much you must invest much time, and it’s best to make this investment in small increments. Just as water can drill a giant hole in a stone one drop at a time, so can you move mountains with a teaspoon.

Achievements are the end of a journey and although it feels great to achieve (though not for me as mentioned earlier), do not forget to enjoy the trip. This is a lesson I learned only recently. Until now the end, the accomplishment was all I could see but recently I realized that the journey is actually more important as that is what makes up our time and our lives. Every moment is our life, the accomplishments are the highlights.

To add another dimension to this, we need the help of others to accomplish great objectives. If your objective is limited to just your time and effort, then it’s not as great of an objective as one that requires the work of thousands of people. After every movie, you see a scrolling list of everyone who contributed to that movie. It always reminds me that hundreds of people have had to work on creating a two hour movie. Leading people to accomplish great dreams is subject for another post; however, realize that without the help of other people you can only accomplish one-person goals.

Now you have the key! Dream big dreams, accomplish them one step at a time, ask others to help one step at a time. It is that simple!

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