Our Teachers

Couple days ago I was watching a movie about a teacher who turned around a class of troubled kids (classic topic) and remembered my own teachers who made such a difference in my life. Teachers are very special people. My mother was a teacher. I think I understand teachers slightly better because of that.

I have had many teachers but some of them were more than just teachers of a particular subject. They were also role models. I remember the math teacher from my 4th or 5th grade for having the neatest classroom in the school and the strictest rules in solving math problems. My math teacher from 7th-10th grades was also a similar person. He could draw a perfect circle on the blackboard. He would make us prove a theorem on the board writing out everything in detail. His principles were clear to us. Although at the time I may not have appreciated everything he conveyed, from time to time I still remember his words. My teacher of language and literature, one of my favorite teachers, criticized me for writing an essay below my capabilities on my first examination. He gave me a failing grade to cement his point. These people were heroes.

The other type of teachers that I had includes ordinary people who by their deeds left a great impression on me thus changing the entire course of my life. Among these I remember our neighbor, a role model for parts of my life. Another special person was the librarian at the high school who really believed in me. My guidance counselor in college was always available for encouraging words and helpful advice. My first and second families taught me about life very much and have always been there to support me. These people are also heroes.

I am grateful to countless others who have been and continue to be teachers daily by their thoughts, actions and interactions. If you choose to become a teacher, I hope you take this responsibility very seriously as you will be tasked with an awesome role to impact the lives of many. If you are not a teacher, I hope you remember that you still teach by being who you are. Teachers are very special people.

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