Arrogance is destructive. Pride blinds us so we can no longer differentiate the colors of life. High opinions of one’s own knowledge or importance sometimes are results of success and the assumption that past performance is an indicator of the future. I hope these never apply to me and wanted to make it clear that I certainly did not mean to appear arrogant (based on feedback from people I love) in the post about financial security. In the sea of knowledge, I know less than a drop but what I write is based on my experience and observation. I present my opinions, my thoughts, my observations and ideas. They are not being shared for self-promotion. They are being shared for honest and constructive criticism. If at some point in your life, you find what I write helpful, then I have achieved my ultimate goal of a useful, positive legacy.

When I started this blog, I wanted to make sure that my writings were as crisp as I could make them. I wanted fewer gray areas (since life is already full of them). It has been my intention to make the statements as strong as possible given my own experiences. We are designed to have two hands so that we can look at issues on one hand and then on the other hand. Every coin has two sides. It is easier to understand the spectrum of people affected by a decision than to choose the appropriate side to support at a given moment. I try to make clear where I stand and I learn every day.

While still on the same topic, let me add a final thought. What constitutes an authority on a topic? Who do you consider a subject matter expert? I have met plenty of people who are considered top crop in their field and yet they’re just doing as best of a job as they humanly can. They are humans after all just as we all are. My point is that you are as much an expert as you want to be. All you need to do is exactly what “the expert” would do which is to learn much and to practice much. I will try to write more on this later but for now I’ll say that I’m no expert; but rather someone who experiences much, learns much and now simply wants to share much.

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