Four Classes Of Humans

“It is said that as far as the range of mental vision is concerned, there are four classes of human beings. First the mentally blind, who see no further than the present; second, the general who plans for a year; third, the genius who plans for a lifetime; fourth, the seer and prophet who plans for generations yet to be.” ~ J.C. Penney

While I was waiting at the hospital for my father’s checkup to complete, I was reading Lines Of A Layman by J.C. Penney where I came across the above statement. I sat there and thought about it for some time and had to share here in case it also stops you for a second to think to which class you belong.

I wish I could belong to the last one where the founding fathers of America, great geniuses of the present, and people who have made significant positive impact on humanity belong but I don’t. As a parent, I dream to see my children in that category but I can imagine the extent of responsibility that is bestowed upon individuals who become greater than life by their service and sacrifice.

I remember my mother’s words while growing up “You are going to become a Great man!” as she had the same dream for her children as I have for mine. Today, reading the sentences above made me go through a mental checkup of where I was in meeting my mother’s expectations and hopes. I’m not even close as I am focused on my family and the work to support it. I hope that as you read this, you are farther along in your pursuit of dreams and hopes. Perhaps there are stages in life and it’s a matter of focusing on the right responsibilities at each stage. I don’t know but I’m sure life will make it crystal clear.

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