Give Chance A Chance

Chance – what a great word! Amazing things happen by chance. Sometimes we get caught up in our daily routines and forget that magic word that breaks the monotone movement of time. What may appear to be completely random and governed by chance often reveals itself to be completely predetermined and supernatural years later. Quite a number of events in my life have taught me this lesson. Nothing happens completely by chance. Of course the opposing view could be equally valid (everything always happens completely randomly) but I choose not to believe in that. So, when a couple of days ago, I heard from a couple classmates after twenty years of being completely out of touch, I had to remember this magic word. What is it this time?

I entered first grade when I was six years old even though the required age was seven. I can remember that very first morning vividly even today. I was afraid that I might not make the cut. At that age one year seemed like an eternity. My class was great. We were all alike in many ways, even wearing uniforms. I often think about my classmates and wonder where they are now and who have they become. Just as my childhood friends, these people are very special. Together we learned the alphabets, we learned how to add and subtract, we painted, we made things, we learned poems, we played and did so much more. Some of us did well, others struggled in class. I don’t remember ever being judged by these kids. Of course human memory has a strange but good flaw as over time it only retains the good and discards all of the bad memories.

Give chance a chance. Do not underestimate what great things could come from the “accidental” events of the day. In this case, I was delighted to find out that my friend has been writing poems, and stories daily. I have even been privileged to read some of them and am already affected, changed forever by this event that happened completely by chance.

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  1. I think most of us don’t leave anything to chance anymore. Most of us hold on people because we fear that we can’t get better than what we already have, and sometimes we even hold back from doing something we want to do at the moment because we’re not certain of its consequences, and chance is something we take for granted, yet chance is the only thing worth depending on.

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