Why I Believe In God

Because the alternative is unthinkable, unimaginable, and meaningless. Believing in God means believing that there is an almighty God, that we need to live our lives according to His rules, and that life does not end at death. The opposite would then imply that there is no God, we can live according to our own rules, and life ends at death. Here’s why that’s unthinkable.

wish to god by `SheTakesPics
wish to god by `SheTakesPics

The rules we create are always lacking. Every form of government has existed throughout history yet the human race has been unable to evolve a set of rules, laws to live by, govern by that eliminate suffering, and result in a perfect world with all creations living in absolute harmony. The rules we as individuals live by, the lessons we learn in our experiences, and those very experiences are as diverse as the genetic instructions in deoxyribonucleic acid. I believe that only an almighty God is capable of defining perfect principles, rules that can guide us all throughout this world and after. But we as humans cannot even agree in the implementation of divine laws and what’s worse we cannot even agree to be guided by divine principles.

Not believing in God is unthinkable because it implies that life ends at death. Life cannot end at death because that implies we will never ever see those we love after death. This notion even casts doubt on love, the eternal attachment we have to ourselves and others. Our existence becomes a meaningless processing of energy (loss of energy) if life ends at death. You might say we live to make life easier for the future generations. Future generations have no life if life ends at death. On a continuum of time measured in millions of years, one life is not even a second. If life ends at death, we are already dead.

I believe in God because my own life has been an amazing set of events mostly outside of my own control. If coincidence is so powerful, then by now (remember millions of years) by coincidence we would be living forever and we would be flying around from galaxy to galaxy. Every day something happens that reminds me of His existence. There must be God so evil can meet with its destiny. God must exist so good as defined by Him is properly rewarded.

I believe in God because I cannot be otherwise. The worry for my children would be too great without faith that He would watch over them when I am gone. The pain of losing my mother would be too much if I had no faith that she was still with me. The world would appear too dark, too lonely, and people too cruel. The works would be meaningless, the lessons useless, the moment of despair endless.

It is the deep Christian belief of my people that has kept us from losing our identity, from losing our ideals during generations of genocide and persecution, from not being able to distinguish right from wrong. I, the one small link in a chain that must go on, have no right not to believe in God.

The list could go on…


  1. Good reminder.
    It is my prayer that our country and I will acknowledge our finite understanding of God and seek His Infinite wisdom, presence, and direction. We seem to have lost our way!
    Prov. 3:5-6

  2. Although I believe in God, I always try to let my agnostic and atheist friends know about Pascal’s Wager. It is interesting to see their reaction.


  3. I read your comment over at Daily Speculations. Very good question about the commodities prices. I don’t think that the small growers in Florida will affect the citrus prices very much, as most are just mom and pop operators and don’t produce very much citrus, most going to the local market. In fact, there’s a single processor/grower in Brazil that produces as much citrus as the entire state of Florida in a good year.


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