Newton’s Laws In Everyday Life

Newton's Laws by ~bananagram
Newton's Laws by ~bananagram

Isaac Newton’s three laws on motion are fundamental in classical mechanics in physics but I think they also apply just as strongly in our daily lives and our relationships. Let me draw the parallels and let you decide. Is it possible that if we applied these in our lives, we would be able to achieve a new level of harmony and tranquility?

“A body continues to maintain its state of rest or of uniform motion unless acted upon by an external unbalanced force.” ~ Newton’s First Law

An entire book could be written about the applicability of this law in our lives. We remain in the same state of mind unless we open our minds to external influences. Our relationships remain the same unless we apply some forces to change directions, change attitudes, or change the environment. Our environment will not change unless we apply external forces to improve it. Governments, companies, organizations continue in the same path unless a force of change is applied to them. Many more examples can be given here but some opposites are also true. Preservation of a current state may require significant forces to counter-balance the effects of negative forces. Upholding the United States Constitution requires daily work of many people and in some cases fights against injustice, improper applications, and incorrect interpretations. Maintaining a happy family requires pushing back on all negative influences getting in the way. Maintaining positive outlook in life requires working hard on our inner mental state against negative external influences. Let’s look at the second law.

“F = ma: the net force on an object is equal to the mass of the object multiplied by its acceleration.” ~ Newton’s Second Law

Our effectiveness is equal to our substance multiplied by our hard work. Stated differently, if we are not smart and strong, we must work harder to have the same results. As organizations, the teams we hire determine our success because for the same amount of time/work, we must achieve higher results than our competition. As countries, the stronger our individuals, families, communities, and organizations are, the higher our chances of counter-balancing negative forces of nature and calamities. Also, note that it is acceleration rather than velocity that matters. The faster we move, the more we produce, the more we learn and the faster we learn, the stronger our force output becomes. People with integrity and substance have a higher chance of having a lasting impact than those who lack these qualities. The third law is my favorite.

“To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” ~ Newton’s Third Law

I think of this as the Golden Rule in Christian culture. Treating others the way we want to be treated is so fundamental that it’s actually a law in physics explaining the motion of objects large and small. In times of war, the party with the greater force overpowers the opposite side because of an unequal opposite reaction. However, couldn’t this also be true inside our families? If you want something in your relationships, perhaps you should be first to give and then maybe this law of physics will kick in and start working. The examples here are endless. Unfortunately, we are humans and are more complex than objects (check out tit for tat for example).

The world is a complex place but these laws have simplified much in the world of mechanics. Perhaps, they can help simplify something in your world as well. If you came here because you were searching for examples of application of Newton’s laws in daily life, please leave a comment and let me know why you were curious.


  1. Sir i like to know application of newton laws in daily life the matter ur going to provide will be helpfull to me

  2. I am writing a leson plan on Newtons Laws and thought it would be a great idea of showing the students how to use his laws in everyday life. Very well said I loved it! 🙂

  3. This article really command respect. This helped me in doing assignment. This also give me an useful knowledge. Thank u sir……….

  4. Dear Sir, I’m highly impressed with this article and many thanks for the same… I also want 2 b a part of your valuable research if required by you… I believe that Newton’s laws has strong connections with our Myths and religion… I also think that our Motions, Emotions; Promotions in Life; and its aspects r Governed by d Newton’s 3 laws in d same Order… i love them all lyk anythng…!!!


    Sourav Mohta
    Kolkata, India

  5. Hello,

    I’m planning my class syllabus and I would like to use the Newton’s Third Law as an exemple of what it will happen if they break the rules. I would like to request the cartoon drawing that you used above. Is is ok?

  6. woo! im doing a project and this is abasalutly perfect 😀 im putting you on my work cited XD thank yah!! <3

  7. excellent camparison every individual should feel and work accordind to newtons law so according to3rd law if we practise there will be no sin.

  8. Thank you for the comment. That’s very difficult. Even though we understand what we must do, we don’t always do what we should. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. I’m really thankful as it helped me a lot.I had a very complicated project in physics which had confused me but due to this my all problems got solved………..again thanx.

  10. the project was given by my class teacher and i have taken help from here so soooooooooooomuch tankyou

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  12. excuse me sir but i got a little confused on it at first i was completely
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  13. wow!!! it was just fab!!! i think v youngsters shuld mainly include these in r lives….! da article was just awesome…..

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