The Objective Of The Game

Chess by =leonard-ART
Chess by =leonard-ART

“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.” ~ Albert Einstein

If you have something important to convey, just say Einstein said it or it’s one of Franklin’s quotes. I don’t know for sure who said the above but it made sense to me especially given this little experience yesterday.

My six-year-old knows how to play chess and recently has started making me think harder. I’m not a particularly strong player but always enjoy the game. So, the two of us sometimes gang up on the computer to see if we can beat the Windows Chess program at its lowest levels and quite often we beat it. Yesterday was one of those times when we were winning against the computer. Toward the end of the game I noticed that my son wanted to get 4 queens. I reminded him that the objective of the game was to capture the king and not just accumulate multiple queens. He knew this already but he could not break his focus from accumulating more power.

This was a very powerful lesson and reminder for me. What is the objective of the game? I’ll stop here.


  1. An interesting challenge when playing against the Windows Chess program is to see whether you or your six-year-old can lose faster. (That is, you TRY to lose…and the winner is the person who loses in the fewest number of moves).

    It makes you think about the game very differently, and is a fun mental exercise.

  2. I’ll have to try this out one of these days. I have to say that Chessmaster 9000 is much stronger than the Windows Chess – at least it takes less time for it to remind me about my place in the chess universe.

  3. That’s a very good question LD.

    I think people play most of the games they play (recreation, markets, life?) mainly with the purpose of getting credit, either in the eyes of others or in their own.

  4. Interesting point you make. I have not settled the question of fundamental motives. I think in my case what drives me changes constantly and I need to periodically remind myself where I came from, how I got here (and how many people have helped me) and where I need to go next. I can see myself thinking about your point for a while more.

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