The Trail Of Life

There are definitely rhythms in my life and the differences between the ups and the downs are so noticeable that at one point I looked into it and discovered chronobiology and biorhythms. At the time these cycles bothered me but after I became more aware of them I started appreciating and enjoying them. For example, I periodically find myself in need of writing computer programs and after I get a project completed I completely lose interest in writing another one until the next cycle. There are weeks when I am tired every evening and then weeks when I can’t stop working. There are weeks when something like OCD is present in my life and weeks when its impact is far less.

Rocky Trail by ~Meemster1973
Rocky Trail by ~Meemster1973

This site seems to have become yet another barometer. There are times when I want to write every minute and everything, and then there are times when I find myself struggling to write a single word. In the latter case, I find comfort in the best practices of lawn maintenance which suggest to cut the grass according to growth rate NOT calendar. In some blogs, people seem to force themselves to write daily (in some cases multiple times per day). While this might be a good way to practice self-discipline and might result in higher numbers of readers (to advertise to), that is not possible in my case given the purpose of this site and the rest of what constitutes my life. I recognize that I probably lose many readers along the way who like daily updates. Despite the title here, I am unable to come up with something worth sharing every day. I knew this when I started but thought that years later with thousands of past entries the frequency would be less relevant. I hope the content will be of some interest and some value to a couple people.

Interestingly, I get a bunch of search hits every day to Newton’s Laws In Everyday Life and hundreds of hits to Understanding Poetry: The Final Frontier. Who would have thought… George Soros is right on the money when he says “First, financial markets do not reflect prevailing conditions accurately; they provide a picture that is always biased or distorted in one way or another. Second, the distorted views held by market participants and expressed in market prices can, under certain circumstances, affect the so-called fundamentals that market prices are supposed to reflect.” To paraphrase, my pointย  is “blog statistics do not reflect the value of the work accurately; they provide a picture that is always biased or distorted in one way or another but these distorted views held by the author(s) and expressed in the writing, can affect the content that the statistics are supposed to reflect.” I consciously try to avoid falling into this trap because my goal here is not to sell advertising, or to sell myself, or to create works of art (God never gave me that unique gift). I just want to share my journey and in the process leave a worthy trail; however, I want the journey to matter even if the trail proves to be of little value.


  1. Elly, I’ll do as you say. Let’s see where the path leads. Rocky, no can do on that one, although the way things are going I might have to seek alternate sources of income this summer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  3. Excellent and very insightful post. The fact that it’s taken me over a year to check on my deviantart page and find the comment you left on my picture, that in turn lead me here shows just how well I can relate to what you’ve written above…lol. While previously obsessed with toting my camera about with me everywhere to snap anything and everything that caught my eye for a good 18 month span, I’ve since felt that urgency slip to the back burner and be replaced by graphic creation instead. I’m starting to feel the shutter bug boogie tapping out it’s own little beat in my head again, so perhaps soon my two interests will reverse for a spell for a while and I’ll find myself resurrecting my deviantart site and posting some new photo’s.

    Thank you so VERY much for selecting one of my pictures for your post here on your blog. I’m very touched and flattered that someone would find a photo I took interesting enough to use for their own site. ๐Ÿ™‚

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