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SEUSSICAL - Wheelock Family Theatre
SEUSSICAL - Wheelock Family Theatre

A few years ago, my wife implemented a weekly program of getting over a dozen books from the library for the nightly reading with our children. Periodically, she gets a Dr. Seuss book or two which are truly enjoyable.

Past Sunday, we went with our son to a musical called the Seussical at the Wheelock Family Theatre which brought together many of his stories into a very nice performance. I have already mentioned about the importance of exposing children to the arts but in this case the musical impacted me more than it impacted my son (I think). The stress relief that comes from a couple hours of moving out of this world into a world of art, music, or performance cannot be underestimated.

As a side effect, I was reminded to view the world as a theater in a constant performance; and under the influence contributed this to Daily Speculations.

I will conclude with a wish for the key actors on the world stage to not be concerned with their ratings and rewards as much and consider the impact of their performance on us, the participating audience. Their powerful performance will always be rewarded by history’s everlasting applause.


  1. That was a great post LD. It made me come here just so that I can say thanks.

    Thanks for reminding me it is just a game!

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