All Went Well

My surgery went well. I am now home recovering. I was reminded yet again how dependent I am on people around me. Words alone are not enough to describe my wife’s unending support and devotion during a time when I needed her most. Experiences like these bring us closer and make our small family stronger. She could be next to me because our whole family was there for us and for this I am very thankful.

Every time I am at a hospital, I am humbled by the service provided by doctors, nurses, and other hospital workers. These people are truly special people. They serve others as if that is the only way to live. Right before my surgery, one of the doctors, a nice Irish lady, noticed worry on my face and said “This might be an uncommon experience for you but don’t worry we do this every day and you’ll be just fine.” I hear all kinds of negative comments from people about our health care system but I consider it exceptional. Many smart caring people spend years studying and then join a workforce and a system that has only one purpose: to care for the rest of us. I am thankful for living in this country and benefiting from its health care system.


  1. You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers. Glad the surgery went well. Spouses/better halves are always a bigger part of our healing then they will ever realize.

  2. I am also thankful for the healthcare system. I am glad that you are progressing. Continue to lean on family and faith to help with the healing process.

    Tuesday is my surgery and I am confident with the medical team, and thankful for the family that has gathered around for support.

    I asked a friend who knows my doctor personally and his comment was “he has great hands”. As I thought about his statement I was reassured that this is a great asset for the person who will touch my heart physically. It also reminded me of my other Great Physician and healer, God the Father, who has “great hands” and has touched my heart spiritually. He will also be assisting in the surgery.
    May we all learn to depend on Him during all the challenges we face that are spiritual and non-spiritual!

  3. God-speed on your recovery…

    Spending time in the hospital, no matter how short and no matter for what purpose, is never pleasant.
    That you can see beyond the aloof uniforms and cold equipment of the system, into the warm hearts and souls of the real people/practitioners, is itself something to give thanks for…


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