Goodbye Old Friend

An Old Friend
An Old Friend

It feels like a century since my last update. Today was a very special graduation day for me and must be celebrated by a line in the proverbial sand. With over two dozen bids, my 4×8 trailer was sold for $100 to the next slave of manual labor who will certainly get good value for his investment in cash terms but not in hours wasted transporting worthless stuff from one location to another. For over a decade, the temptation and the need to save a few dollars has been too great and the tool too close for me to be able to resist sinking time into transporting the two yards of mulch or the two shelves for the kids’ toys. Now that is all history despite my beautiful wife’s and my wise brother’s sage words that I shall regret this painful decision. Life is full of risks. This is one risk the ultra-careful side of me is ready to accept right now. Who knows… maybe I will look back in ten years with eyes full of tears… not from nostalgic memories of the great past but from realization of all the money wasted on transportation. Let’s see how it goes but for now it feels great.

A time comes when even the timeless time feels like it’s running out of precious time.


  1. LD: There’s something very sweet about that old wagon. When I was first married, Trophy Wife “made me” discard my cardboard clothes dresser that had served me so very well through years of college, graduate school and beyond. We’ve been together now almost 17 years, but the old cardboard dresser still brings back nostalgia for me — (and less than flattering comments from her….)

    Likewise although you don’t need that wagon anymore, it will remain in your heart forever….

  2. Nice title. On what adventures this old friend took the scene? It must have many stories to tell. Camping? Traveling? Location change?

  3. Rocky – 🙂 Thanks for the story!

    Newton – We used this mostly for moving things but in hindsight every move is a story to remember (a small building block of life). Your questions and Rocky’s story transported me back to those days for a few moments. For that I thank you both!

  4. When I first got married, I had excellent bachelors furnishings in the Bauhaus style. My wife made me give all of my stuff to charity, and filled our house with 200 year old antiques. Sometimes, I miss that Bauhaus furniture.

    Great story.


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