Base of Operations

It has been extremely busy both at work and at home recently. The product we are building is expected to become generally available globally at the end of this year. Of course, there are multiple important milestones along the way. The first major milestone consumed the past two months requiring me to spend the last two weeks of it in California. San Francisco area is unique and can be fun but not during business travel. In my case, work takes up all non sleeping hours and minutes. I came home to be with the family for the Hallmark holiday, and then flew back for another week of meetings.

Yarmouth Boardwalk by *lutke45
Yarmouth Boardwalk by *lutke45

Despite the many negatives, business travel has an amazing way of refocusing the mind on what really matters. In my case, coming home to my beautiful wife and the kids was all I needed to feel normal again. Without realizing, they have a wonderful way of supporting me through my long days of work… days like yesterday (I worked from the moment I opened my eyes in the morning until I went to bed late at night). A hug, a smile, even just their presence can give tremendous amount of energy. This energy was not there in California. Consequently, the concept of base of operations has been front and center for me recently.

I cannot even begin to imagine what it may be like to destroy this unique and powerful “base” during a divorce. Where do people living in broken families get their energy? What about the excruciating pain of a natural disaster tearing up the ground in which we grow? Maybe I came one small step closer in understanding my father who lost his half exactly two years ago. Perhaps it is the coincidence of all these events with the anniversary of my half and I becoming whole that is stirring up all these thoughts.

It is late at night, but I feel like a child who wants to go to bed early on Christmas Eve with great anticipation for the next morning. Tomorrow we get to go on vacation. I get to spend an entire week with people who matter most. Cape Cod is beautiful but only because we will be together.


  1. LD: Welcome back. I was puzzled (and slightly concerned) by your posting abeyance. It looks like you may get two back-to-back days without rain too!


  2. It makes me feel very happy that 11 years later your priorities have not changed, and you are valuing the important things in life.

  3. LD,

    Every beautiful place is only beautiful because of the people we love. Those who lose this “base of operations” cannot find beauty easily.

    Have a nice vacation and enjoy your wonderful family.



  4. LD, nice to see you back. I hope you are able to relax and recharge on your vacation. Enjoy yourself.

  5. Thank you all very much! We’re back after a fantastic week together at the Cape. The weather was just right. The kids were happy. It was just what we all needed.

  6. Thank you kindly…your blog was a nice read. Just this past weekend I was frustrated with the obscene traffic while cursing in my car in a 6 mile backup not realizing that after all that unnecessary stress, there are families waiting to come together and that actually means so much more, I will try to remember that next Friday. 🙂

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