Possession of Error

The Beginning Of The End... by =WiciaQ
The Beginning Of The End... by =WiciaQ

I collect different topics to mention here but since time has been limited lately, there are quite a few drafts. This was one but I rewrote it because  of something that happened yesterday.

I made a comment about the easy debt/credit cycle possibly ending to which someone responded with a long letter. The first two lines in it were “I’m appealing to you to use whatever influence you might have to take the first step in righting a great wrong. I know you’re an obscure member of an otherwise brilliant List, but seeing that your contributions are negligible, I figured you wouldn’t be otherwise occupied in penning some easily forgettable screed…”

Two thoughts came to mind upon reading that letter:

  1. The words of a great friend Levon who died a few years ago “Ցեխի մեջ քար նետես, աչքիդ կթռնի: (If you throw a stone into mud, it might splatter on your face.)”
  2. The words of Benjamin Franklin in his autobiography “If you wish information  and improvement from the knowledge of others,  and yet at the same time express yourself as firmly fixed in your present opinions, modest, sensible men, who do not love disputation, will probably leave you undisturbed in the possession of your error.

The letter was ended with “Please leave me alone,” which I have done by unsubscribing. I am left with the tranquil feeling of moving on to more important matters.


  1. LD, you know the drill: there is no point in debating a subject if you don’t have a clear chance of imposing your point of view.

    However, Jeff might pop around and tell us how much fun he’s having over on his favorite political blog.

  2. Bizarre. “Please leave me alone?” A generous interpretation is that the letter writer was attempting parody. But as I like to say, “Ain’t no point in beatin’ a dead horse…’course, it can’t hurt none either!!”

    Ben Franklin is way above my pay grade. Try:



  3. Hey, LD,

    For sure he was talking about me: “I know you’re an obscure member of an otherwise brilliant List”.


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