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empty by ~Kosmur
empty by ~Kosmur

The past few months have been extremely difficult and busy. My new product hit the market last month. The effort required to “give birth” to something new is absolutely incredible; the process is exciting and also exhausting. But as usual, the release brings with it a feeling of emptiness from an achieved objective. Fortunately when it comes to work, there is no end in sight. Plenty of new goals are waiting to be achieved.

A couple weeks ago, some blogger out there sent a lot of traffic my way with the following comment: “Some people will set up blogs for bizarre, individualistic reasons. This pretentious douche thinks of his blog as his gift to his children. Sorry dude, I bet they’d rather have a Wii.” I wasn’t going to dignify his words with a response. But he’s only the tool, the stimulus for further thought. The response is not meant for him.

Some will call names, crucify publicly or in private, harass, persecute, put down, and ridicule people that they don’t understand, in every case highlighting their own weakness, fear, or lack of self-confidence. Even good, confident, strong people sometimes become weak and engage in name calling. “That idiot has no idea how to drive!” “Obama is pure evil!” When we can do little to affect a situation, we vent. Some are evil and attack to evoke a response. They become surprised when their attack is read and the exact opposite of “expected” response is given. This usually puts them in a position of severe weakness (which brings forward further attacks).

I must have hit a nerve a year and half ago saying that I was not writing to make money. My posts may be worth nothing (which is most likely the case) but at least the site is not packed with Google ads asking readers to click on “relevant” links. The blogger somewhere boasted that he was making about $20 from each post. I would rather my posts were worth $0 than $20, a concept he’s likely to misunderstand. I said that this was my gift to my children. This earned his ridicule and a “wise suggestion” to get them a Wii instead. He doesn’t realize that my 7-year-old son will probably buy his own Wii by Christmas, of course if that’s how he chooses to spend his hard-saved dollars and gifts from the tooth fairy.

In some ways people are like airplanes cruising at different altitudes and speeds. He’s jetting and spreading money smarts from high altitudes at high speeds, has many readers, and even earns $20 for every post. I’ll continue riding my little bicycle and believing that some day those who matter will value these scribbles.


  1. 1) Congratulations on your new product launch!

    2) The Wii is overrated. I hope your son goes for a Kindle or Ipad.

    3) “Pretentious douche?” He obviously needs a bidet. 😉

    p.s. if you shared my view back in March (see: https://onehonestman.wordpress.com/2010/03/11/the-hardest-investment/ ) … then you might want to consider that this dumperoo in stocks has raised my unpretentious and simplistic estimate for forward returns from the low single digits to the mid-single-digits. Mid-single-digits isn’t exciting, but it’s better than low-single-digits. So I plan to do a tiny bit of nibbling this week. Just a tiny bit, as I want to keep plenty of buying power if this turns into another global train wreck…and noone really knows what the future holds.

  2. This time I didn’t sell out. We’ll see if that was a big mistake. In hindsight, it’ll probably be a bigger mistake to be as risk averse as I am. I can just see the book title “Nibble Your Way to Retirement Success” or “Investment Secrets: The .25% Rule”. 🙂

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