The Best Computer Operating System

In my search of perfection in the world of computers, I have failed miserably. Nothing is perfect! Apple’s OS X is far from it, Windows… well… I won’t go into that. Chrome OS is downright scary. I constantly see posts and questions all over the Internet about syncing across operating systems, across vendors (like Google Contacts on Mac OS, or running Windows application on a Mac). Has anyone ever calculated the colossal amount of time that people spend dealing with these ridiculous computer issues… All because companies must market their latest and greatest product so someone can get rich and the rest of us can dig through forums to figure out how to make different gadgets talk to each other.

What’s the alternative you say? As I said nothing is perfect but one system hits the right chords with me. Meet Debian! This project has produced a free operating system that works on most hardware, is maintained by volunteers, sticks to its quality standards and does almost anything one would need to do with a computer. Some of the world’s smallest computers run it and some of the biggest run it too. Long before Apple had its Mac Apps Store, Debian (and other open source distributions) had already perfected their repositories. They were just not as shameless as Apple to call them App Stores. I like Debian because it is:

  1. solid and just works (hardly ever errors or crash if using the stable release).
  2. quick to set up (takes 15 minutes).
  3. very fast and consumes few resources (full GUI and still under 300 MB used – Windows 7 about 6 times more).
  4. a great cause with a constitution (take a few minutes to read it, you won’t regret) and rules.
  5. available for many hardware configurations, in many languages, in multiple formats (all from the same place).
  6. a great way to run GNU (check it out – best things in life are free).
  7. of Armenian heritage? (ends in …ian – so must be Armenian). 🙂
  8. one of the manifestations of the greatness of humanity.
  9. here to stay – check out this picture.

The post you are reading was typed in Debian GNU/Linux system. I often say to my beautiful wife that I wish I had many lives as I would devote each to a cause. If that was possible, I am confident that one life would be devoted to GNU, Debian and the free software movement. I know it takes enormous effort from thousands of people across the entire globe to make the free software possible and I want them to know that this one happy user much appreciates their hard work.

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