The New Theme

If you have visited my site in the past you will undoubtedly notice the complete change in the theme. My goal is to hide all of the clutter and present to you the latest post in a simple easy to read format. Transitions are sometimes disruptive but after about 5 years of the prior theme, it was time for a change. The world has changed, the web has changed, and now the theme of my site has changed. If any particular helpful feature is missing, please comment and I’ll look into it.


  1. I enjoy reading what you write & miss your posts. I think someday when your kids read this, they’ll find things that they didn’t know about you or your thoughts. Maybe they’ll hear things differently because they’re older. I think they’ll enjoy this blog in their own time.

    I love change & do believe the old expression variety is the spice of life.
    Happy Easter 2014

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