Delete Facebook

Years ago facebook conducted a social experiment. You can read about it here.
I am sure that was not the first or the last time they violated ethical and moral rules. For me that was enough to stop using facebook. After the latest data sharing fiasco and the way they handled it, I thought enough is enough.

Today I deleted my two pages on facebook and then requested they delete my account. If they have a shred of integrity, I hope they will actually delete my account and purge the data. Somehow part of me doesn’t believe that will happen. My data, and your data, is their gold mine. Why in the world would they delete that data? They’ll continue using it and mining it and finding ways to capitalize on it.

People who care about me know how to reach me. I don’t think we need the “services” of facebook to stay in touch, or to feel connected. It’s not a big loss for me. I think it’s a bigger loss for facebook.

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