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On a page like this you may expect to find information about me. However, I believe my name, age, resume-to-date, achievements and a bunch of other meaningless facts are not very important. They serve to create a bias in the mind of the reader, a screen through which one evaluates what is written. I hope the words stand for themselves. Your experience may agree, disagree, complement, support, or dismiss the messages here. If so, I hope you choose to speak up, bring forward your own perspectives, and become a contributing reader. My aim is not self-advertisement. Instead, I hope to share with you thoughts, lessons, observations, and experiences and in return receive the same from you in form of comments as my greatest reward.

I started this blog about a year after losing my mother who was a very special person. Anything I say will be an unacceptable understatement of her greatness. Cancer took her from all of us who loved her very much. She had many children: my brother and I, and all of her students throughout the years. In some ways, we are her legacy but how much would I have loved to have her thoughts as she went through her journey and faced the difficult choices and circumstances that life dealt her…

I invite you to join this life’s journey and help shape a common legacy together every day. It can be OUR legacy daily!

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